Resonance. It’s what happens when something moves at its natural frequency.

Radhika considered a number of paths in life: astronaut, inventor, archaeologist, jet pilot, physicist, time traveler. From the age of 7, she received voice coaching through a distance-learning course from a Grammy Award winning singer and artist, best known as lead vocalist of a Dublin-based rock band. She picked up the material at Chapter 5 and continued through her years at school, and then as an undergraduate at Oxford.

After a few years as a lawyer in the City, Radhika decided to leave the corporate world. She wrote songs, finding a well of music and words flowing from deep within. She inevitably found her way onto a stage with a guitar, and Resonance emerged on the London music scene.

Resonance has played on stages in the US and the UK, as well as at an underground musicians’ collective in Paris, the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, and the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Resonance’s debut EP, “If The Fires They Burn Too Bright”, was released on 23 November 2012. Two new singles, recorded at Assault & Battery Studios in London, were released on 24 March 2014: “Mister Policeman” and “Reverie”. Radhika lives in San Francisco.

Resonance is what happens when something moves at its natural frequency.

When she’s singing, Radhika is moving at hers.