“Singer, lead guitarist, composer and lyricist Radhika has a melodious voice even when she’s just speaking. It’s clear and refreshing as a cool drink, but with a flammable ether. It’s the voice of someone who comforted your childhood self with a lullaby, then that of a fuse right before it blows. She can hang out in the space between notes or supply a silken contrast to her own jagged guitar playing”
– The San Francisco Chronicle

Resonance. It’s what happens when something moves at its natural frequency.

Resonance is a blues-influenced rock band, although its full catalogue defies categorisation. As comfortable with blues rock and funk as it is with pop and calypso, Resonance brings multiple genres together under one voice. Radhika grew up playing classical piano, while listening to rock ‘n’ roll and pop, and singing in school choirs. The first sound that spoke to her was Steve Lukather’s rhythm guitar riff on Michael Jackson’s Beat It. From there to Beethoven’s Cello and Piano Sonatas, to U2’s The Joshua Tree, and her personal guitar gods Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler, there is no leap, only continuity. Resonance is difficult to pigeonhole and all the better for it.

Resonance is best experienced live, with one San Francisco venue saying “the band delivers crowd-pleasing sets to get folks moving!” In 2019, Resonance embarked on its Escape Velocity Tour. Kicking off in Northern California’s wine country, the self-made tour has gone through Napa, Sonoma and Petaluma, playing the JaM Cellars and Sonoma’s downtown gathering spot Murphy’s. Resonance then headed to SoCal and played its first ever show in Los Angeles. Stops in San Diego, San Luis Obispo County, and Big Sur’s famed Fernwood Resort rounded out the US leg of the tour. A European leg followed in October, kicking off in London at Gigi’s Hoxton Underbelly.

Before heading to Europe, Resonance played 4 dates at the 2019 San Francisco Fringe Festival. The SF Fringe is one of oldest fringe festivals in the United States, featuring local and national performers on three stages at the Exit Theatre. Resonance’s show Why My Unicorn Left Me won an award for Best of the 2019 SF Fringe, and was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle’s review of the festival.

Resonance’s studio records include the debut EP If The Fires They Burn Too Bright (2012), the unstoppable funk rock single Mister Policeman (2014), the pop calypso summer party track Reverie (2014), bass-driven blues rocking Saturday Nights (2019) and What About Me (2020), a lullaby. Resonance’s latest single #TheResistance (2020) is a call to speak up, stand up, and register people to vote. More singles are in the works, to get the catalogue out into the world, working towards a full-length album.

Radhika lives in Los Angeles, California.

Resonance is what happens when something moves at its natural frequency.

When she’s singing, Radhika is moving at hers.